Guy who ate 30,000 Big Macs also eats another McDonald’s treat every single day

With very few exceptions, Don Gorske — aka “The Big Mac Man” — has eaten at least two Big Macs per day since he first discovered the item on the McDonald’s menu in 1972.

But he also orders another McDonald’s menu item every day on his wife's directive.

“The only other thing I eat every other day as far as food goes is Parfaits,” Gorske said during an appearance on “Fox & Friends,” in reference to McDonald’s Fruit N’ Yogurt Parfait.

“When Parfaits came out in 2004, the wife made me promise to eat a parfait every day because she wanted to make sure I ate some fruit,” he added.


Gorske, a retired prison guard, clarified that his diet doesn’t consist solely of McDonald’s, explaining that “it’s not all I eat, but it’s most of what I eat.”

He also counts lobster as his second favorite food.

Gorske began eating Big Macs in 1972, and — with very few exceptions — he's eaten two per day since.

Gorske began eating Big Macs in 1972, and — with very few exceptions — he's eaten two per day since. (Associated Press)

Gorske recently polished off his 30,000th Big Mac on Friday, May 4, in front of a crowd of reporters and fans at his local McDonald’s in Fond du Lac, Wis. He already held the Guinness World Record for Most Big Macs Consumed, which he was awarded August 4, 2016, following his 28,788th Big Mac.

“I’m trying to get to 40,000, and that’ll take me another 14 years,” he told the New York Post.


Gorske eats two Big Macs per day — every day of the week — though he doesn’t always enjoy them at the restaurant. Rather, he purchases several at a time on Mondays and Thursdays, stores them in his refrigerator, and pops the burgers in the microwave when he’s ready to eat.

He says he’s only skipped eating Big Macs on eight occasions over the last four-plus decades, mostly on the days he needed to work double-shifts at the prison.

“You can’t take Big Macs in front of the inmates,” said Gorske.