Cheetos and…soup?

Frito-Lay has just introduced “Cheetos! Cream stew” that is meant to taste like cream stew, a traditional Japanese meal that contains beef, vegetables and other stock ingredients, according to the website for Japan Frito-Lay Ltd..

Cream stew is just the latest in a string of new and unique Cheeto flavors. Just this summer, Frito-Lay released Pepsi-flavored Cheetos to decidedly mixed reviews. Unfortunately for adventurous American eaters,  these special flavors are only sold in Japan.

It might sound wacky, but combining this savory stew with that oh-so-familiar crunchy Cheeto crisp might not be all that bad. Who knows? Maybe we’ll be seeing Chicken Noodle Soup Cheetos soon.

Cream Stew Cheetos hit stories in Japan Monday and will be available until March 2014.

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