The world's weirdest vodkas

While Smirnoff and Absolut have been making flavored vodka for decades, there are some new players in the field with pretty strange concoctions. From peanut butter and jelly to bison grass, these bizarre flavors stray far from James Bond's classic "vodka martini, shaken not stirred." 



    This is for those who like it hot. The trendy hot sauce now has its first-ever vodka. UV Vodka makes it with a blend of chili peppers, vinegar, and garlic and according to them is "the Bloody Mary's new best friend."
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    Cinnabon, the sinful cinnamon roll brand, is partnering with Beam Inc. to create Pinnacle's latest sweet sensation: Cinnabon Vodka. Cinnabon president Kat Cole says the 70-proof vodka is an example of how the company "seeks out new opportunities and channels for our fans to enjoy our world famous treats."  That means millennials and women. But with accompanying recipes like Late Night Sip and Bottomless Buns, there may be few who can resist. 
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    The thought of your martini tasting like an ash tray confuses us too.  But Ivanabitch, created in Holland, doesn't just have tobacco flavored vodka, it also has tobacco menthol vodka. The company's CEO, Tony Elward, came up with the idea  for the name--Ivanabitch--during a bad divorce. "I told my team that I wanted to name it after my ex-wife, and they liked it!"


    Introducing waffle-flavored vodka by Georgi.  Launched last week on National Waffle Day, the company's CEO Martin Silver says they came up with the idea during a breakfast staff  meeting to think of new flavor ideas. "I asked them what they wanted to eat and they said pancakes and waffles. And we pretty much decided right then to give the waffle flavors a try." Georgi has a number of waffles flavors, including banana waffle and chocolate chip. 

    Peanut Butter and Jelly

    Van Gogh Vodka recently introduced this take on an American classic. They combine peanut butter and raspberry jelly flavored vodka to create this not-so-kid-friendly treat. 
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    Lavender Lemonade

    Made from 100 percent organic white corn, Rain Vodka says this fragrant combination of flavors is like "the tranquility of cool summer nights in the Hamptons."
    Rain Organics Vodka

    Cotton Candy

    Pinnacle Vodka dreamt up this 70 proof vodka as just one puff in a whole line of fluffy flavors, including whipped cream and key lime pie. One of Pinnacle's suggested cocktails for its County Fair Cotton vodka, the Cotton Candy Margarita.
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    Bacon Vodka

    The creators of Bakon Vodka spent two years testing out the recipe in their kitchen before they finally got it right in 2009. Distilled from Idaho potatoes and infused with peppered bacon, this vodka is about as American as it gets. 
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    Crop's cucumber-flavored vodka is USDA certified organic and made from American grains and cucumbers. It's as close as you can get to getting drunk off a cucumber.
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    This strange take on a classic confection is what Three Olives Vodka calls, "A tempting twist of imported English vodka and the festive taste of birthday cake."
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    According to the distillers of Bison Grass Vodka, the recipe comes from polish high society. For centuries the polish elite would celebrate hunting successes by drinking a special vodka flavored with bison grass,  in belief this would yield grand power, increase stature and youthfulness. With that said, remember that this vodka is designed to taste like grass.
    Bak's Vodka

    Cookie Dough

    This vodka goes great with a glass of milk --no joking.  Pinnacle's Cookie Dough Vodka tastes like the real thing, and you won't have to risk an E.coli infection. Blend it in with vanilla ice cream for a spiked milkshake, or add a little coconut rum for a taste of a chocolate macaroon.      

    Salted Caramel

    From ice cream to hot chocolate, salted caramel satisfies that sweet tooth, but does a number on that savory craving, too.  So why not get it in your glass?  Effen, which makes vodka the old Dutch way, doesn't have a large portfolio of vodka flavors.  It released its Salted Carmel flavor this summer.  Mix it with chocolate liqueur for a rocky road, twist but at 75 proof, it packs a serious punch.
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