Former White House chef: Presidents reach for comfort food during crisis

President Obama's stomach may be in knots over the political turmoil in Washington, but that doesn't mean he's going to go hungry.

According to former White House Chef John Moeller, who dishes about feeding the first family in his new book Dining at the White House, presidents usually turn to comfort food in times of stress.

"You can't make a good decision on an empty stomach...Comfort food is usually a good thing to pull back on."

— Former White House chef John Moeller

"You can't make a good decision on an empty stomach," Moeller told Fox News' Jonathan Hunt on Live. "Comfort food is usually a good thing to pull back on."

Moeller worked as the White House chef under three presidents: George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

"I was a chef there, but a lot of times I felt like I was a dietician," said Moeller. "We were very careful about how much calories they were consuming because they were exposed to so many heavy foods when they're out on the road and also at the White House when we're having State Dinners."

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That meant no fast food for burger-loving President Clinton.

"He got a bad rap going into it with the Big Macs and stuff," said Moeller, "but he enjoyed a good enchilada."

And while the presidents had different political views, Clinton and Bush both shared a love for Chef Moeller's chicken pot pie.

"I brought down with me from Pennsylvania a recipe for ... chicken pot pie ... It's with the dumplings through it, not with the crust on top... he [Clinton] just looked over the top of the bowl one day and put his thumb up and said, 'John, this is the kind of food I like,'" said Moeller.

"The exact same thing happened with George W. Bush. He was eating that bowl of chicken pot pie it was probably a February night, really cold, and he just looked up at me, gave me the thumbs up, and said, 'John, this is the kind of food I like.'"

Watch the full interview with Chef Moeller above and click to learn more about "Dining at the White House"