Food guide to Disneyland's Avengers Campus

Expect Avengers-inspired chicken shawarma; impossible falafel; churro spirals and more food innovations when the park opens Friday

Food-loving Avengers assemble. 

Marvel’s superhero-themed Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure will open on Friday one year after its expected opening date with six acres of rides, costumed characters like Spider-Man and Doctor Strange, and plenty of food and drinks to savor, each inspired by the action-packed films. 

The food menu was optimized for a post-pandemic world with contactless ordering allowing eaters to order via smartphones at some venues and plenty of plant-based options thanks to the park’s recent partnership with Impossible Foods. Here’s a roadmap to all the food and drink innovations to nosh on in between the excitement. 

The Pym Test Kitchen 

The Proton PB&J Punch at The Pym Test Kitchen.  (Disneyland)

Inspired by "Ant-Man and The Wasp," Pym Test Kitchen uses "Pym Particles" to experiment with mini and super-sized food innovations -- similarly to how Ant-Man and The Wasp used them to grow and shrink into a superhero in the movie. Eaters will be able to watch "scientists" get cooking in the kitchen lab on foods like a super-sized pretzel with a cheddar-beer sauce; a Proton PB&J Punch, a sip featuring lemonade, peanut butter and strawberry flavors with whipped cream and mini meatballs, among other items. And for those 21 and up, there’s a Molecular Meltdown with a marshmallow milk stout and vanilla ice cream topped with mini marshmallows. 


John State, the culinary director for Disneyland Resort, spoke with Fox News about the concept behind the Pym Test Kitchen. According to him, "Sharing Pym particles and their past technology where they've used it to shrink and grow just about anything we've applied it to the one thing I think everybody will fall in love with is food." 

He continued, "Look at the ‘not so little chicken sandwich.’ The impossible spoonful that has actually happened to be plant-based. And then one of my personal favorites is a panini, which is a sandwich filled with cured meats, provolone, cheese, sun-dried, tomato."

Shawarma Palace

A chicken shawarma wrap at Shawarma Palace.  (Disneyland)

Fans may remember shawarma from when the Avengers stumbled on an eatery after the alien invasion during the Battle of New York – and they can taste it for themselves at a food cart devoted to the slow-roasted meat dish. The cart features dishes like New York’s Tastiest – a chicken shawarma wrap made with a garlic spread, coconut yogurt-tahini sauce; and a veggie Impossible Victory Falafel made with a plant-based falafel and cauliflower wrap. 

"You couldn't really have Avenger's Campus without the Shawarma Palace," State explained. "The owner decided to share his recipe with us."

He also joked that "young scientists" working for the Pym Lab were the reason for the restaurant's PB and J flavor lab.

The Cosmic Cream Orb at Terran Treats. (Disneyland)


Terran Treats 

The Sweet Spiral Ration at Terran Treats.  (Disneyland)

The food cart, inspired by the park’s "Guardians of the Galaxy" attraction, gets sweet with two varieties of galactic-inspired confections. There’s a Sweet Spiral Ration, which is a churro that comes in colors like green, red and blue; and there’s the Cosmic Cream Orb, a cream puff with whipped raspberry cheesecake mousse that has a bright purple interior.