FNM Exclusive: Adam Richman Talks 'Secret Eats,' Shows Us a Crazy Hidden Restaurant in a 'Detective Agency'

Bad news, foodies: Your favorite hidden restaurants aren't going to stay hidden for much longer.

On his new Travel Channel series "Secret Eats," cookbook author and former "Man vs. Food" host Adam Richman is seeking out the world's most secluded restaurants — along with the mouthwatering meals they're hiding right under our noses (and our growling stomachs).

"'Secret Eats' is an exploration of hidden restaurants and off-the-menu dishes," Richman tells Fox News Magazine. "And where 'Man vs. Food' was much more about iconic restaurants that people know about, and legendary dishes, these are the places that even locals themselves don't know about, and dishes that, in some cases, even the restaurant staff has never even seen."

But how far do these restaurants go to remain hidden? Well, in the case of one London speakeasy, they'll interrogate you before granting you entry.

"[In] London, there's a fictional detective agency called Evans & Peel, and you call them in advance and you create a fictional case." Adam tells us. "It's a little tiny office. And there is nothing, absolutely nothing to indicate that this is a bar, restaurant — anything." Furthermore, Adam says you're only allowed inside after a detective grills you about the "case" you called about. "Eventually, he pulls a secret lever and a bookcase moves and a wall opens, and it reveals this whole hidden gastropub, which also has secret off-menu dishes."

For what it's worth, Adam isn't too worried about disclosing the whereabouts of these little-known eateries he documents on "Secret Eats."

"These secret places, they're very clever," he says. "As soon as [the owners] can think of something and we can discover it, a good restaurateur will find another way to intrigue you back through the front door."

Watch the clip above for a look at London's Evans & Peel restaurant, then check out "Secret Eats With Adam Richman," airing Mondays at 10/9c.