Marc Orfaly, the acclaimed chef of Pigalle in Boston, lashed out at a customer telling her to "go f--- yourself" after she complained on Facebook about her Thanksgiving meal.

The chef unleashed his fury after the diner who called herself Sandy Tremblay posted a message Tuesday on Pigalle’s Facebook page, saying that the pumpkin pie served on Thanksgiving tasted like “vomit,” and overall, her entire Thanksgiving was ruined because of her bad experience at Pigalle.

"Really horrible pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving!" she wrote. "Literally tasted like vomit. The whole meal was awful," she wrote, noting that she spent $200 on the meal.

A post in response soon appeared on Pigalle's Facebook that ripped into Tremblay telling her to “go f-- herself,” adding that she must enjoy eating vomit if she knows what it tastes like.

Adding insult to injury, on Tuesday night Pigalle Boston posted a Facebook status, calling out people in general for being “uneducated, unintelligent, unpolished human beings.” This was later removed from the restaurant's Facebook, as well as the original message.

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Tremblay later shot back at Orflay calling him a “pathetic little man” for deleting the original comments. Pigalle Boston fired back with: “I find you as vomitus as your pallet.” In another exchange, he added: “A good new years resolution judging from your fat face would be to give up the pie sweet pea.”

Not surprisingly, Facebook users joined in the fray with comments of their own, while picking sides.

One user named Kevin Wang wrote: "Don't open your mouth if you haven't considered that someone will respond. I'm Team Pigalle on this exchange."

But this story has a happy ending. On Wednesday, Tremblay wrote on Orfaly’s Facebook wall:  "I am posting to let everyone know that Marc and I spoke at length about our recent Facebook smack down...He was very sincere and was the first to make amends.  We both have apologized..."

Orfaly also too took to the social media site to comment: “The truth is, I overreacted," he wrote. "While we feel that if a guest is dissatisfied, they should bring it to our attention immediately, there is no excuse for name-calling and foul language. I was wrong.”

And in a bizarre twist, they’re now Facebook friends.

Not so surprising is the parody Facebook page that popped up during the fray, called Pigalle Vommit [sic].