How’s this for a great start to a marriage.

A cake maker designed her own wedding cake that she sculpted to look like her and her husband’s severed heads.  The decapitated heads, lying on their sides, had blank soulless eyes and were sitting in a pool of blood.  Below the heads was the phrase, “Till Death Do Us Part.”

Natalie Sideserf, 28, owner of Sideserf Cake Studio said she spent about 40 hours creating the killer treat for her and husband Dave’s movie-themed Austin, Tex. wedding.

“I was heavily influenced by the Halloween season, my husband's love for horror movies, and the venue which was the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema,” she told FoxNews.com in and email. “While we do a vast array of different cake designs for our customers, hyperrealism has been one of my favorite subjects so the thought of doing our severed heads was a no-brainer (no pun intended).”

Inside was confetti vanilla cake that showed its multi-colors when cut into.  It was topped with vanilla buttercream frosting and modeling chocolate –lots of it.

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This isn’t the only cake Sideserf has made that’s captured national headlines.

Earlier this year she made a cake in the eerie likeness of singer Willie Nelson.  A picture of that cake, posted on Reddit, went viral on social media and won her several baking awards.  She later made a cake of comedians Jim Gaffigan, Chelsea Peretti, Dana Carvey, and Bill Hader styled after Mount Rushmore for Austin’s Moontower Comedy Festival.

As far as Sideserf’s own wedding cake is concerned, she said that her guests were shocked when it was brought out but ultimately her creation was a big hit with everyone --expect her grandmother.