National Chocolate Day is October 28th and chocolatiers are celebrating with decadent style. Chicago recently hosted the National Chocolate and Dessert Show and FoxNews.com got a look at some of some seriously sweet stuff. Skyrocketing cocoa prices didn't stop these master chocolatiers from molding, carving and sculpting creative figures out of America's favorite confections. Check out the fanciful designs below.

1. Brother of Blues, chocolate and blown sugar


(Ruth Ravve)

His name is "Brother of Blues" and his jazz is so sweet!  That's because he's made out of 900 lbs of white, dark and milk chocolate (with spectacles made from blown sugar).  He's the creation of Chef Alain Toby from the "All Chocolate Kitchen" in Geneva, Illinois.  And just in case "Brother of Blues" gets lonely, Chef Roby has also created several other chocolate people, as well as chocolate animals and chocolate trees.

2. Choco Chanel, chocolate


(Ruth Ravve)

It looks like the latest fashion statement, but this chic cocoa carry-all is completely edible.  It would look great and taste great with a matching pair of chocolate stilettos.

3. A modern sugar design


(Ruth Ravve)

Sugar sculptor Joshua Simpson poses with his isomalt art, made entirely from beet sugar. Simpson says he sometimes takes up to eight hours to create his sweet sculptures. This one took two.

4. Mini Monsters, chocolate


(Ruth Ravve)

No reason to be scared of these little monsters.  They're creepy and they're kooky but they're also made out of pure chocolate.

5. Growling Pumpkins, chocolate


(Ruth Ravve)

They're here just in time for Halloween, but you won't get any seeds out of these pugnacious looking pumpkins, because they're made entirely out of chocolate. This luscious orange display at the Fine Chocolate show is part of a fundraiser for a group called "Icing Smiles," which benefits families of critically ill children

6. Candy Goblins, chocolate


(Ruth Ravve)

These cute little edible goblins are the work of tasty toy designer Michelle Boyd, who describes her chocolate creations as "quirky, weird, kinda creepy but cute".  That's everything you'd want in macabre candy confection.

7. Lotus Flower, white and dark chocolate


(Ruth Rave)

Chocolate artist Sunny Lee puts the final touches on her decadent work of appetizing art.

8. Contemporary Blossom, chocolate


(Ruth Ravve)

An elegant creation inspired by nature from chocolatier Sunny Lee.

9. Ultimate Dessert Candy Pie


(Ruth Ravve)

If you order this pizza for delivery you'd better have a mallet handy.  That's the only way to break off a piece of this amazing concoction of delectable treats.  The candy pizza pie is a combo of dark chocolate, white chocolate, pretzels, M&Ms, sprinkles, Oreos and sugar cones. It's made by the Sweet Secret candy company, which says it often delivers these delights to college dorms. They even claim using the mallet is good for relieving stress.

10. Witch's Brew, chocolate and isomalt


(Ruth Ravve)

A sculpted chocolate witch stirs her sugary cauldron.