Bye, bye tiny openings and annoying tabs.

Brewing company Sly Fox has released a topless beer can it has dubbed the "360 Lid."

The new 360 Lid works kind of like a soup can, with a peel-back lid, exposing a 1.75-inch opening.

The company's head brewer Brian O’Reilly said on Today.com the new lid “allows the full flavor and aroma of the beer to hit the drinker’s senses.”

Sly Fox is the first American brewer to use the new lid.  It worked with Crown Beverage Packaging North America who along with SABMiller developed the lips, which were debuted at the FIFA World Cup tournament in South Africa in 2010.

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The blunted lip has been specially designed to be sipped out of.   For those concerned that the aluminum edge may cut your lip, Brian Thiel, a sales manager for Crown Beverage Packaging North America, said there is no need to worry.

"Once the lid is removed, consumers do not come into contact with any rough edges as they drink from the can," Thiel told Today.com.

Many craft beer outfits have turned to aluminum in recent years because cans provide an airtight container, keeping the beer fresher longer. The 360 Lid cans are available across Sly Fox's Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey distribution areas.