‘Young and the Restless’ star Kate Linder ‘times are tough’ now

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Times are rough for “The Young and the Restless” star Kate Linder. She told FOX411 it’s not easy to be in the industry these days, especially with all the violent movies being made.

“Times are rough now, and it’s hard when you go to the movies and go ‘What am I gonna see?’… ‘I don't want to see that; I don’t want to see people blowing each other up,’” she said.

Linder has starred on the CBS’ “Y&R” since 1982 and she is currently the third actress to earn a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame just from her soap opera days.

The Hollywood starlet wants to bring back the days when parents don’t have to worry about what their kids see on the big screen.

She told FOX411 at the Movieguide Awards that family-friendly programing begins with the studios.

“It all starts with the studios and the producers and if they say ‘No this is the film I want’,” she explained. “You look at these films—the independent features—you get so excited because these people have been trying to get these films done for years and then here they are up there getting an Oscar. It’s never, never, never give up! And I think that’s the most important thing, I think.”