Rob Rousseau, the freelance journalist who declared he would rather his daughter date an MS-13 gang member than a Republican, has a history of deliberately upsetting conservatives with inflammatory rhetoric.

Last week, President Trump referred to dangerous MS-13 gang members as “animals,” but several media organizations took his comments out of context to make it appear that he was talking about illegal immigrants. The result was a handful of prominent liberals defending the brutal gang, whose motto is literally “rape, control, kill.”

The attention seeking Rousseau took advantage of the online outrage and tweeted, “I would rather my daughter dated a member of MS-13 than a member of the Republican Party.”

rousseau tweet

The tweet resulted in criticism from conservative websites such as The Daily Wire, to segments on cable news programs such as “Fox & Friends.” Rousseau made it clear in follow-up tweets that his comment was an attempt to annoy Republicans, and he doesn’t even have a daughter. But this sort of Twitter trolling is nothing new for Rousseau, as he has bragged about mocking conservatives in the past.

Back on March 12, Rousseau penned a piece for Paste headlined, “Gun Con-Troll: How I Managed to Enrage (and Expose) Thousands of Right-Wing Gun Guys.” He explained that falsely stating “the AR in AR-15 stands for Assault Rifle” enrages gun enthusiasts (it actually stands for ArmaLite rifle), so Rousseau did just that and responded to a tweet from conservative commentator Joe Walsh with his purposely false information.

“I like to send rude or annoying replies to dumb right-wing reactionaries that I despise,” Rousseau wrote.

“I responded by quadrupling down on my assertion that the AR in AR-15 does, in fact, stand for ‘Assault Rifle.’ Nothing anyone said could convince me otherwise. Rather then give them the satisfaction of correcting me, I stuck out both middle fingers,” Rousseau wrote.

Rousseau, who now calls himself a “gun expert” and “cool dad” in his Twitter bio, declared that he is proud that he figured out what upsets conservatives.

“A dumbass liberal journalist was wrong about their guns,” he wrote.

Since Rousseau’s trolling tweet about MS-13 caught the attention of prominent conservatives, the flamboyant writer, believed to be from Montreal, has posted several messages that mock people who have taken him seriously.

“The chuds are mad at me again,” Rousseau wrote before posting a chart showing that his Twitter impression surpassed the one-million mark shortly after the MS-13 comment. He has also posted screen grabs of messages sent from people who mocked him for the remark.

“People are melting down over this joke (which I guess was the point) but in all seriousness: your elected representatives pose a far greater threat to you & your family's security than an El Salvadorian prison gang you'll never once in your boring life have to interact with,” he wrote

While Rousseau seems to discount MS-13, most Americans probably shouldn’t follow suit. The group is responsible for some of the most ruthless crimes imaginable and the Trump Administration has made it a point to aim to eliminate them

Among countless other crimes, MS-13 beat four young men to death with wooden clubs and butchered their bodies with machetes in 2017. “Video of the mutilated bodies was sent to a girlfriend of one of the victims,” CNN reported. The group is also responsible for stabbing a man over 100 times, cutting off his head and then ripping out his heart, the Washington Post reported in 2017.

Rousseau provided Fox News with the following statement: “It’s interesting and more than a little silly to me that the very people who are so fond of claiming that liberals and leftists are constantly offended, sensitive snowflakes, are now so worked up over a tweet – which was very obviously a joke – that it warrants national media coverage. You can be a free speech absolutist who is against political correctness, or you can be offended by my tweet – but you can’t be both.”