Worst Celebrity Endorsement Snafus

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Basketball star Kobe Bryant is at the center of a scandal once again. But this time he's in trouble with . . . Armenians?

The L.A. Lakers star signed a lucrative endorsement deal to become the face of Turkish Airlines as it launches nonstop flights between Istanbul and Los Angeles.

But Los Angeles is home to a large population of Armenians, many of whom who believe Turkey committed genocide against the ethnic group in a massacre beginning in 1915.

Needless to say, they want Kobe to back out of the deal.

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"Armenian Americans hope that Kobe would balance what clearly looks to be a profitable business deal with a strong moral statement against Turkey's violations of human rights, including, of course, its ongoing denial of the Armenian genocide," the Armenian Youth Federation said on their website.

But we doubt Kobe will bow to the 30 or so Armenian protesters who showed up to a recent game.

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