William Levy on Relationship With Jennifer Lopez: "Strictly Professional"

The rumors linking telenovela heartthrob William Levy and Jennifer Lopez have reached a fever pitch since Lopez's shocking announcement that her and long-time husband Marc Anthony were going to divorce.

Now Levy, described as the Cuban Brad Pitt, has decided to break his silence on his relationship with the curvaceous Puerto Rican star.

"My relationship with Jennifer is strictly professional," Levy said in a statement in Spanish, according to the AP.

"These supposed rumors that suggest that there is something more personal going on are completely false," he said

The actor also took a chance to offer his support to Lopez and Anthony in these "difficult times."

"I dedicate my best wishes to them and their family," he said.

The rumors have taken on a life of their own after the bombshell announcement was made last Friday.

They stem from a steamy music video shot in Mexico where Levy was J.Lo's love interest shot for her song, "I'm Into You," and the curious timing of divorce announcements by Levy and Lopez, respectively.

Levy and his wife of eight years, Mexican actress Elizabeth Gutiérrez, separated after the video aired. The video featured Lopez and Levy sharing intimate embraces on the beach.

In her statement after the separation, Gutiérrez took on the rumors of his alleged infidelities.

"I was always firmly by William's side, despite the persistent rumors...I had no reason to doubt the strength of our union," her statement read in Spanish.

"I confess that this decision hasn't been easy but I owe respect to myself as a person, woman and mother," she wrote.

Lopez and Anthony may have a marriage that is ending but they will apparently continue to do business together as they are moving forward with plans for a new show which is being billed as the Latin American Idol, "Q'Viva.

Levy's spokesperson reiterated to TMZ that despite the rumors and coincidences, the soap star and the starlet are not an item.

"The only relationship there was or is, is a professional relationship. That’s all there’s ever been.”

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