Stacey Dash came under vicious social media attack – complete with death threats and racist insults – when she endorsed Mitt Romney for President in early October. The "Clueless" star was even publicly condemned by others in Hollywood.

Fellow actress Vivica A. Fox, bashed Dash for posting a photo of herself in a red swimsuit in front of an American flag on her Twitter account. "Most politicians when you support them, you try to support them with class, you don't need to do a swimsuit shoot," Fox said.

Yet despite the intense backlash, which became headline news all over the world, Dash has continued with her very outspoken support of the GOP nominee.

The actress went out early to cast her vote for Romney, and this week followed up by tweeting a photo of herself and Republican VP hopeful Paul Ryan, along with the words: "Fighting the good fight. Godspeed."

Again, her apparent "enemies" responded with vitriolic attacks on Twitter, calling her a “silly dumb bi**h,” “thieving ho,” and a “dumbass.”

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But despite such negative attention, some media experts think Dash's political stance and its consequences could do help boost her Hollywood career.

"This is pretty much the first time Stacey's name has appeared in the media since 'Clueless.' Smart girl. Her beliefs aside, Stacey has tapped an emotional media button that is getting her national coverage," Louise Pennell, co-founder of the media training company Clark Pennell, told FOX411's Pop Tarts column. "As they say in the entertainment industry, any publicity is good publicity. Ms. Dash's new found fame has just reminded industry heavyweights that she is still around and looking for work."

Pop Culture writer Rachelle Friberg agreed her stance could help her Hollywood standing..

"Her reluctance to back down despite repeated calls for her death is further proof she is a strong, independent woman who thinks for herself regardless of the backlash," she said.

Dave Kerpen, author of the book “Likeable Social Media” said the PR could work both ways.

“She will likely gain fans but she risks alienating liberal decision makers in the entertainment industry,” he explained. “Yet (the notion that) Dash is not backing down says that she is passionate, determined, and committed -- all likeable virtues."

Others say Dash is not doing herself any favors with her Romney raves.

"She did a brilliant job of getting her name back in the press, because the entire generation that loved 'Clueless' can't remember her name," added entertainment/media reporter Michael Cohen. "At least we will remember it for another week or so... For an unemployed African American actress who's claim to fame is still 'Clueless,' she is even more clueless than I thought. Traditionally you don't vote Republican and even if you do, you don't tell the world. Last time I checked, Hollywood is Obama land."

Dash did not respond to a request for further comment.