Will Forte didn't know about co-star Jennifer Aniston's wedding

"Last Man on Earth" star Will Forte, who is starring with Jennifer Aniston in "She's Funny That Way," was surprised to learn that his co-star had married her long-time fiancé Justin Theroux on Wednesday.

Forte was at the FOX Television Critics Association press tour to talk about the second season of his Emmy-nominated series when he heard the news.

"She got married? I didn't know that," he said. "Congratulations to her. I assume it's Justin? I haven't talked to her in a long time. They are such wonderful people. I am so happy for them."

Aniston and Forte play boyfriend and girlfriend in the comedy, and when eccentric therapist Jane Claremont (Aniston) catches Joshua Fleet (Forte) on a dinner date with a hooker/actress wannabe, she hauls off and hits him.

"I've gotten to work with her twice now," Forte tells FOX411. "She is the best. She has to punch me in this movie. I was terrified because I know if I have to punch somebody – even if it's a fake punch – I am so in my head about getting too close to the person's face. But she just comes right up and does it. It almost felt like a real punch to me but she doesn't come anywhere near my face. I was terrified but she is such a pro, she knows how to do that."

The FOX TCA event was the same night as the FOX News Republican presidential debate and Forte had no intention of missing it, because he couldn't see it live, he made sure to TiVo it. In fact, he says it is times like this that he misses being on "Saturday Night Live."

"It was such a wonderful experience," he says. "It is an incredibly hard job. Such a grind, but it's like anything else and the election periods are such a special time there, so I am really looking forward to seeing what the coming period brings. It seems like there are a lot of good people to check out on 'SNL.'  It's pretty ripe. It's not the old boring crap."

"Last Man on Earth" returns for its second season FOX on Sunday, Sept. 27, and Jason Sudekis will be returning for the second season. He starts out in space, but whether he can make it back to earth or not is another question.

"All I really know right now because we're early in the writing process is he's up in space, trying to figure out what's going on down on earth," Forte says. "If it's really tough being down on earth in this situation, imagine what it's like being up in space. So, we're going to have some fun up there with him in space and we're still figuring it out."

"She's Funny that Way" premieres in theaters on August 21.

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