There's a "Seinfeld" episode where Elaine is dating a guy who is a "bad breaker-upper."

This is a man who has coffee thrown in his face by ex-girlfriends.

He ends up breaking up with Elaine by telling her she has a big head.

The real world is also filled with bad breaker-uppers, and many of them surfaced last week.
Take one David Arquette: He goes on "The Howard Stern Show" to tell the radio world that he and his estranged wife, Courteney Cox, have not had sex in over five months.

Bad breaker-upper.

SODAHEAD SLIDESHOW: See the worst celebrity bad breaker-uppers.

Bad breaker-uppers are not people who cheat or perform other sins like Tiger Woods.

They don't go off of on crazy, racist tirades like Mel Gibson.

They're just people who show poor form when dumping their partners.

Which of these celebrities most needs lessons on how to wind down a relationship with a modicum of class?