“How much is enough?” “It's not a question of enough, pal. It's a zero sum game, somebody wins, somebody loses.” It’s been 25 years since Oliver Stone’s film “Wall Street” opened in theaters, but Gordon Gekko’s words still ring with truth for “yuppies” and viewers alike. The game is greed, the stakes are high and Buddy Fox risks a lot more than his name to beat a Wall Street vet like Gordon Gekko. Buddy learns that in order to skyrocket to the top, someone has to take the hit. Our friends at Snakkle.com look back on the amazing cast of “Wall Street”, and find out where they are now --25 years later.

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Michael Douglas as Gordon Gekko:
Who could forget Gordon Gekko, the silver-tongued villain of “Wall Street”. Gekko famously quipped, “Lunch is for wimps,” proving time really is money to people like him. Douglas nailed the role of wealthy stockbroker, earning him a coveted Oscar Award for his convincing performance.

Michael Douglas TODAY:
1987 was a good year for Michael Douglas. He’d achieved commercial success with the 1984 romantic comedy “Romancing The Stone”, but scoring “Wall Street” and “Fatal Attraction” in the same year? Douglas was worth his weight in Oscar gold. He starred alongside Sharon Stone in the iconic “Basic Instinct” in 1992 and even reprised his old Gordon Gekko character again in 2010 for the sequel movie “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps”. Douglas was diagnosed with an aggressive form of throat cancer in 2010 and is still in treatment. He lives with his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and their two children.

Sean Young as Kate Gekko
The notorious actress Sean Young had a small role in the film as the wife of Michael Douglas' character, Kate Gekko. If you thought this role should have been bigger, so did writer-director, Oliver Stone. So what gives? According to reports back in 2008, Young’s role was originally intended to be larger, but was reduced after she clashed with Stone.

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Sean Young TODAY:
Sean burst onto the Hollywood scene with back-to-back roles in “Stripes”, “Blade Runner”, and the sexy box office hit “No Way Out.” However, Sean's star started to fade after 1987's “Wall Street.” First, she broke her arm falling off a horse during rehearsals “Batman” and was replaced by Kim Basinger. Then, she was fired in the 1990's from “Dick Tracy.” Her Hollywood troubles did not end there: soon after, she crashed the Warner Bros studio lot wearing a homemade Catwoman suit. As if that wasn't enough, another low point was reported in 2006, when she was escorted from a Vanity Fair Oscar party through the back door, after crashing it as well (sans latex cat suit). More recently, Young was voted off 2010's “Skating with the Stars”, after two big televised falls on the ice.

Daryl Hannah as Darien Taylor
Darryl Hannah played the beautiful, well-meaning Darien Taylor. An interior decorator with expensive taste and Gordon Gekko’s ex-lover, Darien is one of the prizes that Buddy wants to win.

Daryl Hannah TODAY:
Daryl Hannah wowed audiences with her breakout performance in Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner” in 1982. The hottie with a gymnastic body (she did her own stunts!) then went on to star in “Summer Lovers,” “Splash” and then “Wall Street”, which put her on the map. After “Wall Street”, Hannah found cult fame in 2003 and 2004 after starring in Quentin Tarantino’s two “Kill Bill” films as Elle Driver, the one-eyed assassin. She is an enthusiastic environmental activist and strives to raise awareness about global warming; She was recently arrested for protesting a proposed oil pipeline while on private property.

PHOTOS: See all 20 pics in “The Cast of ‘Wall Street’: 25 Years Later” at Snakkle.com