Viral sensation Rebecca Grant parlayed video into two new gigs

A year ago, Rebecca Grant became known across the country as "the boob grabber" after a clip of her adjusting her top at a Los Angeles Clippers playoff game on national television went viral.

Fast forward to 2015, and Grant's beloved Clippers are back in the playoffs, fighting elimination in their series against defending champion San Antonio Spurs. Since the Clippers are on the road in San Antonio, Grant said she will be relegated to posting videos of support from home.

"I like to engage fans on social media," she said. "I'll do different kinds of Clippers videos, different pictures, get the team riled up."

But Grant isn't just a basketball superfan accidentally caught on camera anymore. Her viral video fame -- the clip was seen by millions -- led to a dream gig for her: starring in an action series.

"I'm doing an action series that I'm really excited about called 'Gun Girls,'" she said. "It's a little bit sadistic, it's a little bit on the dark side.... She doesn't necessarily use guns. She'll use anything from staples to scissors."

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    She also got the call to go back to the Game Show Network, where she got her first big break.

    "I'm doing a show called 'Which Is Worse?' It's very fun and its going to be on Game Show Network's YouTube Channel, Door 3, premiering the first week of June."

    One thing you won't see her doing though is adjusting her top at a Clippers game on national television.

    "I'm a lot more conscious of that," she said. "I'm not doing anything like that at games whatsoever anymore."

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