Sarah Stephens isn’t afraid to bare her body for a good photo. At age 27, the Victoria’s Secret model is a pro at posing in lingerie or dangerously skimpy swimsuits.

“I am so used to it by now, it is basically my bread and butter,” the Australian pinup told Australia's Daily Telegraph on Thursday. “I am very comfortable with my body as well.”

Stephens previously won the Girlfriend Model Search competition in 2006 before she traveled the world to work with couture designers, including Gucci, Jason Wu, and Lanvin — just to name a few. She also walked the runway for Victoria’s Secret where she proudly flaunted her camera-ready figure. However, Stephens admitted she didn’t always feel so confident.

“Some girls are really comfortable naturally, but for most girls… I’d be lying if I said I was always comfortable with my body,” she admitted. “I’m older now, I feel like a veteran and I’m finally at that place where I am comfortable with my body and I don’t feel the pressure as much. If I need to lose weight for whatever reason, I do it the good old-fashioned way — exercise and working out — and I don’t let it get to my head. It is not me, it is my image and my brand, but it is not who I am.”

However, Stephens isn’t afraid to go gritty for the right role. In 2016 she starred in the critically acclaimed horror film “The Witch.”

“They got me really dirty,” she told Fox News. “They didn’t make me look pretty, really. I had rotten teeth and dirty and mud and grit… [but] I really enjoy getting dirty and ugly.”