Venus Williams is juicing – no not that kind of juicing.  Aside from being one of the top-ranked tennis stars, the 34 year old is part-owner of a Jamba Juice chain, and claims it’s the combination of juices and exercise that is helping prepare her for the upcoming U.S. Open starting on August 25. Williams joined us in the FOX411 studio to discuss her predictions for the U.S. Open, and why she decided to pose nude.

FOX411: You were in the ESPN Body Issue where you posed nude. Why did you decide to do it?
Venus Williams: Serena had done it before, so I thought maybe I could do it, too. It was definitely a new kind of experience. It’s definitely a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing, and leave it at that.

FOX411: Kate Upton recently said in an interview that she would not pose naked because of Internet trolls. How do you deal with the haters online?
Williams: I don’t go online. I don’t try to read any comments or things like that. It’s pretty easy to stay away from that.

FOX411: What is it about the green juice that makes celebs guzzle it down?
Williams: For me, it’s a wonderful way to maintain my energy. I train for hours, and hours, and hours. It’s an easy way to get your vitamins. It’s an easy way to live healthfully, and that’s what Jamba Juice does, tries to simplify ways for people to live healthfully quickly because everybody’s so busy.

FOX411: What is it like being a celebrity small business owner?
Williams: It’s always something my parents encouraged us to do is to work for yourself – own your own business. It’s been beyond my dreams. I always dreamed of playing and winning titles just the other opportunities that come with it.This is a great opportunity.

FOX411: Who’s going to win the U.S. Open this year – you or Serena?
Williams: I would love if it just said Williams in general because it was Serena and one day they made a mistake and said, “Oh, Venus won that year.”  It would be wonderful to play well at that event. I’ve done well at the event before, so hopefully I can take that experience and make good on it.

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