'Total Divas' features sexy female WWE stars fighting in and out of the ring

Let’s get ready to rumble! From the training to the fighting to the sexy ensembles, “Total Divas” will give wrestling fans and up-close and personal look at the female stars of WWE.

The reality series, premiering on E! this weekend, follows seven female wrestlers as they compete –at times with each other—and try to maintain personal lives all while they fight to become the top WWE champs.

“This is just basically the first time that the WWE has allowed cameras behind the scenes,” a rep for E! told FOX411. “We really follow these seven divas both out of the ring and in the ring.”

Natalie “Natalya” Neidhart, one of the stars of the show, said that the series will show viewers just how much work goes into becoming a WWE superstar.

PHOTO: Whoops! Total Diva's top shows a little too much.

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“[You see ] us traveling more than you’d care to,” Natalya told FOX411. “It always shocks you to see how much we travel. On ‘Total Divas’ it’s going to give people such an experience [to see] what we actually do, how much work we do behind the scenes.”

She said the show also focuses on her interaction with the other six stars, who include the Bella Twins—Brie and Nikki—Naomi Knight, Cameron, Eva Marie and Jo-Jo Offerman.

“I really didn’t know a few of the girls very well at all [before the show],” Natalya said. “The Bella Twins are like sisters to me... But I got to know [all] the girls on a totally different level. I’d don’t think I’ve ever cried so much in my life.”

Natalya explained that filming the show was very emotional for the group of tough gals.

“Women are wired differently… We laugh, we cry, we fight, we makeup, we share stories, we bond. There’s nothing we really can’t break through.”

But the show doesn’t just showcase the women’s personal lives and girly moments. Viewers will see a good share of physical fighting as well, Natalya promised.

“You will see injuries on the show. Yes, WWE is entertainment, but we have to be really well trained athletes,” she said. “That’s why we always have disclaimers on our shows — it’s really intense. Just like with any major sport…injuries happen. It’s just the nature of what we do. Only about 30 women in the world do what we do.”

But Natalya said for her, the most dramatic moments came when she had to discuss her personal life, and her relationship with fellow wrestler T.J. Wilson —a.k.a. Tyson Kidd—on camera.

“There are some times on the show that I get really emotional. There’s moments that relate to my relationship that have made me cry… I’ve had to confront some of my own shortcomings in my relationship. It took a lot for me to admit in a lot of situations that I was wrong. It was very educational for me as a person.”

She said that the series brought her and Wilson closer together. The two got married in June.

Natalya added that she expects “Total Divas” will teach viewers a thing or two.
“I think the biggest thing that people could take away from this show is that through all the good times and all the bad times… and diva drama, at the end of the day we’re all just human,” she said. “And I think people will learn a lot from all the tributes and trials that we go through.”

“Total Divas” premiers on July 28 on E!