A week before he was expected to face allegations of contempt of court related to unpaid child support, we’re told actor Dean McDermott has been “dodging” the people trying to serve him court papers.

Ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace intended to drag McDermott (now married to Tori Spelling) in front of a judge on Nov. 16 because she says he didn’t stick to a payment schedule, according to court filings.

But sources tell Page Six that the hearing — at which McDermott could face jail time — may have to be rescheduled.

Sources close to Eustace say that she has “made three attempts so far.” But a source close to McDermott claimed that he hasn’t been “dodging” the papers and only found out on Tuesday that Eustace is taking him to court, quipping, “Maybe they [should] get someone who is better at serving legal documents.”

This article originally appeared on Page Six.