Tim Kennedy honors America's unsung heroes in new series 'Hard to Kill'

Tim Kennedy is a tough guy who is about to take on some of America’s most deadly jobs, which he considers both an inspiration and honor.

Kennedy is not only an active, Ranger qualified, Green Beret, Special Forces Sniper and a top 5 professional MMA fighter, but he’s also the host of Discovery’s latest show “Hard to Kill.” In it, he’ll spend time touring the United States and trying out a variety of occupations that, although wildly different, share one common factor -- they’re deadly.

“This show is ‘Dirty Jobs,’ except these jobs will kill you. You’re not cleaning poop off the street, you’re cleaning something that’s going to jump on your face and slit your throat. You’re not trying to disconnect a car battery, you’re trying to disconnect a bomb,” Kennedy told Fox News. “It’s Anthony Bourdain’ ‘Sights Unseen’ where I’m trying to take people to places that they’d never get access to, to a world that you’d never imagine. And this world is dangerous, this world is hazardous and the people that live in this world die.”

In each new episode of “Hard to Kill,” which premieres Tuesday on Discovery, Kennedy will spend time with the men and women who keep America running by taking big risks with their employment every day.

Tim Kennedy will take on some of America's most dangerous work in 'Hard to Kill.'

Tim Kennedy will take on some of America's most dangerous work in 'Hard to Kill.' (Discovery Communications)

“I do these jobs for a week, two weeks, a month maybe. These people do these jobs for decades, maybe even generations,” he said. “There’s not a lot of people that could throw themselves into this world, into these jobs and come out breathing. I don’t come out unscathed. I have new scars from this show.”

Despite the difficulty of the jobs, Kennedy says his military training helped him adapt to the various new situations he found himself in. However, he notes that no amount of training can really prepare people for some of the life-or-death situations that these people experience.

“Cold and fire has a way of creeping into the tiniest crack in your courage and finding that coward. I found my coward over and over and over again. Sometimes every single day,” he said. “The first time you feel 33 degree water engulf you, light goes to black and you don’t know which way is up… you’re scared.”

Tim Kennedy tries his hand at some of America's toughest jobs.

Tim Kennedy tries his hand at some of America's toughest jobs. (Discovery Communications)

Despite his job description being to literally defy death every day, Kennedy is both a husband and father. His family has gotten used to seeing him put himself in dangerous situations.

“It’s not new, my kids are incredible, my wife is incredible. They’re a different kind of courage. The same kind of courage you’re going to find on this show, you can find in my house.”

As for why Kennedy decided to put his life at risk to show viewers what these American workers go through day-after-day, the answer is simple -- to thank the thankless.

“I’ve been part of task forces hunting the most evil humans to walk the face of this planet. I believe all of that was for a reason, because I love America. I love the idea of what America is,” he said. “America is a bunch of people that do these incredible, thankless, selfless jobs that nobody really knows about that makes that American dream possible. All those things that me and my friends did overseas were for a reason and that’s this. This America, this freedom thing. The men and women in this show that I’m hanging out with. That’s the bread and butter, that’s the glue that holds all this together.”

Watch the premiere of "Hard to Kill" Tuesday night on Discovery.