'The Voice' recap: These girls (and some of the guys) are on fire

Happy Monday! Have you recovered from the epically beautiful masterpiece that was the “Breaking Bad” season finale? I sure haven’t. But we’re not here to talk about “Breaking Bad,” we’re here to talk about some wanna-be super stars. So, who made the cut in the third installment of "The Voice's" blind auditions? Let’s take a look.

Ray Boudreaux is a super attractive, super southern single dad to a ridiculously adorable daughter. When he’s not singing on stage, he’s duetting with his little love bug and mowing lawns for a living. He sings “Use Me.” and is fun and soulful and makes a lot of silly faces which I am on board with. Blake and Cee Lo turn. Blake insists on calling his sound swampy, which I took to be a Mystery the Pickup Artist-style, but is actually apparently a compliment? He’s taking his swampy self over to Team Blake.

Lina Gaudenzi is a former model who gained a few pounds, quit modeling, sold her car and moved to Paris. And also she’s an opera singer. I feel like this could be a lifetime movie. She sings “Landslide” and she’s pretty cool – the version is like a mix between Stevie Nicks and the Dixie Chicks  with a little Christina runs dropped in for flavor. Christina and Blake turn, but it’s Adam who delivers the hard sell on X-Tina’s behalf. And it works.

Juhi is a high school smarty pants with a 4.0 looking to major in aerospace engineering or computer science when she heads to college. She’s singing “Mercy” and… I don’t love it. It’s kind of cool, but she doesn’t really seem to have control over her voice when she’s jumping between registers. Christina and Cee Lo disagree with me and turn around, but Christina doesn’t put up much of a fight – Juhi joins team Cee Lo.

Justin Blake is an expectant father who’s job is to drive behind semis carrying massive loads. That might actually be the worst job.  Since his girlfriend is pregnant and his job doesn’t pay much, he is counting on “The Voice” to deliver that mad reality show cheddar. He’s singing Blake Shelton’s “Sure Be Cool If You Did,” which is a ridiculous name for a song. I am not super impressed with his voice, but I am super impressed with his bouncing dance moves. Adam turns right away. Probably just to mess with Blake, I’d wager. I’m pegging Justin as a sacrificial lamb for Team Adam in the battle rounds.

Timyra-Joi is a 15 year old who has a very sweet, very generous vocal coach with the most amazing hairstyle ever. She sings “This Girl is on Fire” which is such a hard song to sing. But she nails it, of course. Diva recognizes diva, and Christina turns. At the last moment Blake and Cee Lo turn, but she would be mad not to go with X-Tina, right? Right.

Monika Leigh quit performing when she turned 22 because dreams are hard. But now she’s back and ready to try again. She sings B.B. King’s “The Thrill is Gone” and she has a good, raspy rocky tone to her voice. Adam and Cee Lo turn first, but in the last moment, Blake jumps in as well. The degree to which the other three don’t want Blake to win is kind of incredible. But his three statues do the trick. Monika is Team Blake.

Now we have “The Big Bang Theory’s” Kaley Cuoco’s sister/personal assistant, Briana Cuoco. Oof that must not be a fun job to do. She sings Lady Gaga’s “You and I” and she’s very nervous. She is kind of a mess at the top, but when she settles into it you can hear that she has a really solid voice. Plus she’s pretty charming, and I can see her doing well once she gets a little more comfortable. Christina and Cee Lo turn, but she’s going for Xtina, much to sister Kaley’s excitement. Stars, they’re just like us!

George Horga Jr.’s parents immigrated from Romania, and the fact that he 19 and unmarried/living on his own is apparently a bit of a sore subject in the family. His dad is still supportive though, supportive enough to send him on stage with some sort of aggressive chant. He sings Bruno Mars’ “Treasure” and he’s not that great of a singer, but he’s cute and a charmer and the audience loves him, so Cee Lo throws him a bone and turns.

Finally we have Preston Pohl, who was a part of a Christian band, but stopped performing when his friend and band mate died unexpectedly. His parents are super supportive and very cute and probably should have a reality show. He’s sing/growling MGMT’s “Electric Feel,” and he’s the last performer of the night, so obviously he’s great. Raspy, cool energy, and he’s a really charismatic performer. I dig him. Adam, Cee Lo and Blake turn, but Adam clearly wants him the most, and he gets the vote.

Tomorrow, the blind auditions continue. Will they ever stop? Let’s hope not!

Stand Out Performance: I have to give this one to Timyra-Joi out of sheer jealousy. I would do some depraved things to be able to hit those notes.

Coach MVP: Adam’s commitment to steering contestants into the open arms of literally anyone but Blake is just delightful. He gets the award for tonight for being a sore loser.

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