'The First American' tells the gripping story of George Washington

He was among the most famous men in the world and America’s biggest celebrity, and upon his death, even his former adversaries lowered their flags to half-mast. We’re not talking Elvis, or some Kardashian, but rather America’s first president, General George Washington.

As Americans look ahead to the November election, Fox News Contributor Newt Gingrich and his wife, Callista, are offering up a timely gift for those who need to see where it all began. “The First American” is out this week and available at gingrichproductions.com, and it tells a story every American should see before they vote about the man behind the monuments: George Washington.

From the hallowed grounds of Washington’s Mt. Vernon estate, the former Speaker of the House and his wife narrate the story about the man who is often an enigma to most Americans.

“The First American” moves at an engaging pace by offering up the right mix of narration, re-enactments and historical context, provided by noted historian Douglas Brinkley, among many others. From Washington’s debilitating battle for New York, to his stepping down after a second term, Washington’s entire story is well covered in just 90 minutes.

Actor Robert Lyons, as the founding father himself, rises to the challenge of playing the larger-than-life figure, with enough reverence and humility to make even Washington proud.

Bottom line: If you are looking to be informed and entertained, there is no need to mortgage the house for those "Hamilton" tickets. “The First American,” priced at $14.99, provides the ultimate portrait of the man who was first in war, first in peace, first in the hearts of his countrymen.