It was a wild “Men Tell All” special of “The Bachelorette” Monday, with tears, a heated argument about racism and…an ultrasound!?

Former Bachelorette Ashley Rosenbaum and the winner of her season -- and now-husband -- J.P. Rosenbaum opened the show by talking about their baby on the way and upcoming move to Miami.

As Ashley was telling the audience about her pregnancy, host Chris Harrison shocked the crowd by bringing in a technician to perform an ultrasound to determine the sex of the couple’s baby.

And if it couldn’t get more crazy, the ultrasound image was projected onto a huge screen in the studio.

After a few minutes of suspense, the technician announced that Baby Rosenbaum is a boy, to a roar of applause from the audience.

“A girl would have been just as nice,” J.P. said. “But baby boy! I mean, first grandchild in the family, first child between me and my brother.  It’s kind of nice to pass the name on and watch football with.”

“I knew all along,” Ashley said. “I said from the beginning it just feels like a boy to me.”

The men of the current season were brought out next and the mood quickly turned tense when Chris brought up an awkward moment between some of the guys.

Bachelorette Andi Dorfman and the guys were in Marseilles, France, during the June 16 episode, and as the men prepared for their week of dates, it was brought to the attention of African-American contestant Marquel Martin that Andrew Poole allegedly said something offensive about him.

“Andrew was standing next to me at the first rose ceremony,” J.J. O’Brien dished during the episode. “He nudged me after Ron [Worrell] got his rose and he goes, ‘Oh, like, she gave it to the two blackies.’”

During “Men Tell All,” Chris replayed the clip of the rose ceremony on the screen.  Although there was no audio, Andrew can clearly be seen whispering something to J.J. as Ron received his rose.

Andrew denied to the group that he made the comment and said he actually remembered commenting on how long of a night it had been.

“I 100 percent stand by what I said,” J.J. argued back.

“I’m not attacking you, Andrew, but I will never forgive the ignorance that is racism,” Marquel said.  “I start to lose a little bit of respect when you’re deflecting.  If you didn’t say it you have yet to say, ‘I’m sorry you felt so offended.’ You start attacking other people.”

“Marquel, had I heard something similar, I completely understand why you were offended,” Andrew said.  “These allegations have affected my life.  I want to be able to shake hands again like we did that night.”

Breaking the tension a bit, Chris Soules took the hot seat to discuss his emotional departure from the show last week with only three men remaining.

“I was committed to that and I saw a lot in her that I wanted and I saw a future with her,” he said.

Andi came out and Chris was able to ask her questions.

“It caught me off guard,” Chris said of his exit. “What changed in your mind after hometowns?”

“In all honesty, I had the most fun at your hometown,” Andi told him. “I was on such a high from that trip.”

But she added that she didn’t “have a foundation” with Chris.

The special took another wild turn, as Chris Harrison revealed he had a second copy of the lie detector test results Andi ripped up after a group date with the men.  A few weeks earlier, Andi and the guys took the test, but Andi decided she didn’t want to see which men told lies.

One of the liars, Chris informed her, was one of her final two guys in next week’s finale -- Josh Murray.

After a few minutes of consideration and despite obviously being tempted, Andi ultimately decided to trust Josh and not look.

“The Bachelorette” finale airs next Monday on ABC.