Mother knows best?

"The Bachelor" star Ben Higgins chose his final four women on Monday night's episode—and sexy blonde Las Vegas twin Emily Ferguson wasn't one of them. In fact, it appeared Ben was influenced by his mother to dump the beauty.

Emily, 23, whose twin sister Haley was eliminated from the show earlier, wound up with a coveted one-on-one date with Ben as the remaining six competitors visited his Indiana hometown. Initially, things looked promising for Emily as she got to meet Ben's parents, Amy and Dave, at the Higgins family home.

But soon, Amy took Emily aside to get to know her and looked increasingly uncomfortable as the curvy cutie babbled about her hopes and dreams. Emily said she dreamed of being an NFL cheerleader and, in a nod to Ben's current hometown, added, "The Denver Broncos would be a great team to cheer for." But Emily also said she wanted to start having kids and was certain she'd be an "above average mom and wife."

In a separate chat with Ben's father, Emily said she could watch movies all day long and giggled that she didn't like to eat vegetables.

Amy actually became choked up and teary-eyed as she implied to her only child that Emily was too young and not serious enough to be his wife.

Because Emily was the only gal to meet Ben's folks, the bachelorette crowed to the cameras, "This is just the beginning." Nope. It was the ending, as Ben told her, "I just don't think I can see you being my wife ... I don't see that next step for us."

Tearful Emily said she could see a future for them and "it sucks that you can't." She sobbed to the remaining women, "He just doesn't see me as his wife," and then took the drive of shame off the show.

Earlier, Ben personally invited Lauren B. on a one-on-one date and she continued to look like the front- runner for his heart. Ben drove her by his childhood schools and introduced her at a youth club, where he had worked.

Lauren was concerned about Leah telling Ben on last week's episode that Lauren was a phony.

Ben assured Lauren, "I trust you."

"You make me so happy, Ben," she told him. Later, Lauren revealed in confessional that she was in love.

But she still had plenty of competition, as JoJo was up next on a private date with lifelong Cubs fan Ben at Wrigley Field in Chicago. The two enjoyed playing baseball in the empty stadium before sharing a romantic dinner on the field.

Ben said he felt most authentic when he was with her but acknowledged she had trust issues. JoJo, who had previously admitted getting burned in a relationship, told Ben she was trying not to hold back.

"My heart is ready to give to you," she insisted.

Next up at bat were Caila, Amanda, and Becca on a three-on-one date with Ben.

Becca, the virgin who was Chris Soules' runner up on last season's "The Bachelor," told Ben she was frustrated that the others were getting more attention from him. Caila told Ben she loved seeing his hometown and confided, "I moved 17 times before college. I don't have deep roots."

Ben said he felt good about all three but gave the immunity rose to single mom Amanda as Becca and Caila looked depressed. Then Ben took Amanda to McDonald's and the two wound up serving customers at the drive through window. Amanda told Ben she'd never introduced a boyfriend to her young kids before.

The bachelor was distressed before the rose ceremony, telling host Chris Harrison he couldn't make up his mind about which woman to send home after cutting Emily. Chris asked if all five could potentially be his wife and Ben conceded one hadn't reached that level.

Finally, Ben faced the gals and ditched Becca Tilley, ending her second journey on "The Bachelor."

Becca asked Ben, "Why did you do that?" Ben explained that it didn't seem fair to her or her family to move her along to next week's "meet the parents" hometown dates.

Becca sighed, "I would rather it be now than later, if you were uncertain."

But she cried in the limo ride out, "It's just so frustrating. Why would I keep putting myself in this position? I don't want to be alone."

Lauren B., Amanda, Caila, and JoJo advance to Ben's final four. He will meet all their families next week.

"The Bachelor" airs Mondays on ABC.