Tara Reid has lashed out at Lindsay Lohan and admitted they hate each other.

Talking to TMZ, the American Pie star said: “We don’t really like each other that much.”

She added: “If I get drunk, I’m a happy drunk. When she gets drunk, she’s just mean.”

Reid also claimed that when the "Mean Girls" star flips if she is photographed by friends when drinking.

“She’s so paranoid, anyone who has a camera phone on her, she drops it in the ice bucket," she said. "You can’t go on attacking people."

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The blonde actress also said the troubled star should “stop driving.”

“She crashed one of my friend’s cars and I asked him ‘why do you let he do this’?" she said. "He was like ‘I don’t know.’ I don’t think people should get away with that much."

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