Tara Reid has seen it all. The 41-year-old actress has experienced life as an in-demand Hollywood starlet and as a tabloid mainstay just as famous for her off-screen antics. But, three decades into her career, some out-of-the-box roles have her working more than she has in years. Page Six recently spoke with the actress about why her career is hotter than it’s been in years.

Page Six: Your new film “Worthless” comes out in September. What drew you to it?
Tara Reid: It's about the power of bullying. People have no idea how much it affects people. Say you go home and you bully me and I’m in a bad mood because you bullied me today and I wind up bullying someone else and they wind up killing themselves. You don’t realize the power of bullying.

Page Six: Your character, Talia, starts off the movie as a bully. What was it like playing her?
Reid: It was probably the most challenging role I’ve ever played. It’s a true drama piece. I really went there. At the time, when I was shooting the film, my father was also passing away. He was dying, so there was a lot of stuff going on in my life while I was shooting this movie. There’s a lot there and you’ll see it through the character, for sure.

Page Six: Have you been bullied?
Reid: I feel like bullying is such a big part of Hollywood and of the world. When I read the script, I really related to it and it was something that I really wanted to get involved in. I also am an executive producer on it. It was just something that I understood.

Page Six: There’s a new “Sharknado” movie coming out later this summer. Did you expect the first film to spawn four sequels?
Reid: I don’t think anyone did. They’re completely crazy. I think that’s kind of the beauty of “Sharknado.” It works because it’s a movie that clearly doesn’t take itself seriously. When there are so many problems in the world and fighting and arguing, to have a movie like “Sharknado” just takes you out of everything. It makes you have a good time and laugh — and it’s become a social event. It’s like the Super Bowl of movies.

Page Six: Is it challenging acting alongside CGI sharks?
Reid: Absolutely. You have to be incredibly imaginative to make it even work. It is hard to do. You don’t really know until you see the final product. What is it really going to look like? You really have no clue. How is this shark going to eat this building and how am I holding up this airplane? And each “Sharknado” gets more and more outrageous.

Page Six: You’ve been really busy the last couple years.
Reid: I’m getting a whole second chance. I’m finally getting to play older roles and that’s what I needed because I was kind of stuck. I looked too young to play the mom, but yet I was too old for a high school girl. Now, I’m getting to play the mom and adults. I love it. I’m getting the chance to show another side of me that I wanted to do for a while, but they weren’t ready to hire me because they still thought I looked young.

Page Six: What do you think was the turning point?
Reid: I started moving things around after “Sharknado” [in which she played a mother]. We did so many but then these other movies started filtering in as well. Work brings work. When you’re not working, people forget about your name. They don’t think to hire you but then your name comes up and they think, “What about her?” Being out there and working and even doing interviews with you, it really helps me. You never know who reads it and it could be someone who’s casting a big movie right now. That’s the way karma goes, which is crazy.

Page Six: Are you happy with your career right now?
Reid: I’m making the most movies I’ve done in my whole life ever in one year. This is the best I feel like I’ve done in years. When you’re busy, life’s good. When you’re working, life’s good. When you have nothing to do, you start going crazy. You’re bored. What are you supposed to do?

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