Tape of Roy Horn of Siegfried & Roy allegedly sexually assaulting staff being shopped, report says

A graphic video purportedly showing Roy Horn of Siegfried & Roy groping his employees is being shopped, according to a report from TMZ.

Horn, who was mauled by a tiger in 2003, has been going through rehabilitation to strengthen the left side of his body. TMZ staff has reportedly viewed the video of Horn allegedly sexually assaulting male therapists.

The video, said to be shot in 2010, allegedly shows graphic footage of Horn groping the genitals of male caretakers, squeezing their nipples and whipping one with an oxygen tube.

According to TMZ, Horn manhandled one of the caretakers and forcibly kissed him on the mouth.

The caretakers, who tell TMZ that they are not gay and all have families, have sued Horn in Nevada court for the alleged assaults.

The three men added that they went to police recently to file a report, but had missed the one-year criminal statute of limitations.

Horn has not yet commented on the allegations.

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