Tanya Tucker says 'last love song' to Glen Campbell meant no harm to his widow

When country crooner Tanya Tucker lost her great love Glen Campbell to Alzheimer’s in 2017 at age 81, she took to music to cope — except his widow may not have been too thrilled.

At the time, TMZ reported Kim Campbell, who was married to the singer for almost 35 years until his death, felt Tucker’s song about the Rhinestone Cowboy titled “Forever Loving You,” which she heavily promoted, was a “callous and disrespectful" move during a time of mourning.

Tucker, 59, told Fox News Radio’s “Children of Song” podcast she meant no harm with her final goodbye to Campbell.

“When I heard the song ‘Forever Loving You,’ I sort of rewrote it… with what I would say to Glen as my last love song to him,” she explained. “And it wasn’t to take away anything from his wife or his family.

"I just wanted to bring some more awareness about it. About Alzheimer’s. And help out that way… I guess [his widow] wasn’t very happy with me, but I would think the more people loved somebody I loved, the better off we are. Bring the love!”

Tucker and Campbell previously sang several duets together and dated on and off for several years before ending their romance in 1981. She admitted that Campbell’s death made her realize he really was the one who got away.

“Time just exposed the fact that he was my true love,” she said. “He was the love of my life… If I had made a different choice, things might have turned out differently. And we probably would have still been together. [But] I was too young.”

Campbell was 23 years older than Tucker. And she insisted there were many regrets about their relationship.

“Every now and then I think about him in the cold ground and I think, ‘Wow, what a magnificent contribution he made,” she said. “Not just to music… But his contributions to people. I’ve never seen him turn an autograph down.

Tanya Tucker (right) and her daughter Presley.

Tanya Tucker (right) and her daughter Presley. (Brad Newman)

"Never seen him raise his voice to anybody, as far as a fan. Well, to me a few times. [But] I raised it right back! But you know, he really did contribute to my life and it was some of the [best] three years that I’ll never, ever forget.”

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