Sylvester Stallone stands menacingly and tells guys who stray too far into unmanly excess, “You have to watch more boxing” in heavily-accented Spanish.

The Hollywood icon, who portrayed the heavyweight boxing champion in five "Rocky" movies, takes part in a new Mexican ad campaign by Tecate beer that was launched a week ago on social media.

There are four spots launched by the beer company less than a week ago already have garnered more than 13 million views combined, and they haven't even hit the airwaves yet.

“The results have shocked us. We reached more than 10 million views in five days – a number that nobody was expecting,” Franco Maria Maggi, director of the Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Brewery, told El Universal. “Only recently have these images passed Mexico’s borders to reach a global level. We are very happy.”

Maggi admitted that the great appeal of the ads is that they feature Stallone and everything that he represents to boxing aficionados.

“We look to bet on the theme of masculinity. This is why we looked to base them on Mexicans’ love for boxing,” he said. “Then we started planning the campaign and we got the idea of: ‘You have to watch more boxing.’ Then we looked for someone who represents boxing through and through. Sylvester Stallone was obvious.”

Stallone, who is the only person in the Boxing Hall of Fame who never actually participated or officiated in the sport, was approached in November to be part of the campaign. According to Maggi, the actor accepted almost immediately after reading the scripts.

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