The twists, turns and myths of “Sleepy Hollow” continue to captivate viewers, who are eagerly anticipating two-hour season finale of the FOX show on Jan. 20.  Audience members have been sharing their excitement online over Ichabod Crane, his “Leftenant” Abbie, her boss Capt. Irving and that relentless headless horseman throughout Season 1 and stars Tom Mison and Orlando Jones have been paying close attention to those passionate tweets. They both spoke to FOX411 to talk about the show and what’s in store for the big finale.

FOX 411: Excited for these final episodes of Season 1?
Tom Mison: When I got the script for the finale, it's just every page there's like a huge revelation and it starts in [the Jan. 13] episode “Vessel” with demonic possession, obviously, and then just builds and builds through to a two-hour finale which just will punch you in the face repeatedly for the last half an hour. It's big, it's intense, just everything has been thrown at it. It's the perfect finale.

FOX411: Do you get fan comments on the street?
Mison: No, I'm furious… I take the wig off and no one knows who I am!  It's a disgrace. So maybe I should walk out with the wig on…

FOX411: And the coat!
Mison: And the coat.  I'm keeping the coat. I love the coat.

FOX411: Well he (Ichabod) has been keeping the coat, what do you think of all the discussion over his wardrobe?
Mison: It's nice that lots of people are spending lots of time discussing my costume. It's an iconic image already which grabs people's attention, and I'm not surprised people are discussing it because you don't often see on television someone wearing the same clothes for however many weeks the show is on. I like it and I'm determined to keep it. And I don't care if it does look filthy.

FOX411: What about one of your favorite comments online?
Mison: I'm on Twitter and it's so nice every week, my twitter feed fills up… and generally saying nice things. It's also the occasional-- I get people tweeting at me saying “you're not as attractive in real life as you are in ‘Sleepy Hollow,”’ so keep those comments coming.

FOX411: What is something that's cracked you up on your twitter?
Orlando Jones: There's a lot of information going back and forth so it's hard to pick one.  I think it's mostly the people who want Ichabod to change clothes and sort of… divorce himself from his past completely and I'm like really? You just want him to be like “I'm done with my wife, I'm going to hook up with Abby,” I'm like seriously?  He's a man of principle…

FOX411: When do you watch it?
Jones: I live tweet every episode and I watch it with the audience at the exact same time.  So I'm seeing for the first time as they are seeing it for the first time and then I just make fun of it because that's what I like to do.

Mison: …I see bits when it's going through post-production, but when it's completed I watch Monday nights at 9 on FOX along with everyone else.

FOX411: What do you hope is in store season 2?
Mison: I would like exactly what I suspect they are going to do, which is take everything that was brilliant about the first season and then just make it bigger. I'd like more sword fighting.  I'd like to keep my coat. And yeah, I think there's just so much to build on. You wait until you see the finale, there's so much to build on.

FOX411: Speaking of sword fighting, any skills you’ve now acquired thanks to your Sleepy Hollow gig?
Mison: I learned how to shuck an Oyster because of my favorite restaurant in Wilmington where we are staying. I'd never done that before. I'd never opened an Oyster so there you go. There's a skill. Maybe that'll be in Season 2!

FOX411: Tell us about the epic scale production.
Jones: Everything is a set for us, so it’s literally like you’re on a blockbuster every week. It’s gotten bigger. Because these next two episodes are bigger than the stuff you’ve previously seen.

FOX411: We’ve gotten to know your character a lot more, more of that coming up?
Jones: Definitely. You'll learn a lot more about him, in fact probably more than you've learned all season you'll learn in the two-hour season finale…