The latest 007 has double the female trouble.

The forthcoming “Skyfall,” the 23rd Bond film in the 50-year film franchise, features not one, but two strong and seductive Bond girls, played by Berenice Marlohe and Naomie Harris.

And with all the current talk of the five-decade “Bond” anniversary and the focus on the slew of beautiful actresses who have helped fuel the franchise, it is no surprise that the two new leading ladies have been feeling the pressure.

“At first you get overwhelmed by all the expectations and by the legacy, and you try to go through that process of watching previous Bond women and what they have done. What am I going to do? Then ultimately I think it is just a matter of making your character as unique as possible,” Harris told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “However, you play a Bond woman is going to be unique individuals. The most important thing is just to let go of those expectations and just have fun with it.”

For Marlohe, the filming process brought her into a childlike state of excitement.

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“It was amazing to wake up every morning, there were amazing people working on the film and amazing sets. It was so well done you feel like a child having to play in a magical, huge playground,” she said. “I grew up watching Bond movies so I felt connected with this universe, which for me is like a cartoon. This is why you are fascinated when you see these movies, like a child.”

And all the women reading this can now let out a collective sigh (or groan) – despite their flawless figures and butt-kicking stunts, at least one of the new Bond girls doesn’t even work out.

“(It was challenging) because I actually don’t exercise at all,” Harris added. “And I had to have a personal trainer for five days a week for two hours a day to train me up. I had to learn to fire machine guns, stunt driving, it was a lot of work let me tell you.”