Sharon Osbourne finally opened up about the “terrifying” breakdown she suffered in 2015.

Osbourne, 63, told her co-hosts on “The Talk” Monday about the frightening episode that led her to take a month-long break from the show last year.

“I had a complete and utter breakdown,” she revealed. “I woke up in Cedars-Sinai Hospital and for probably three days, I knew nothing. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t talk, I could do nothing. My brain just shut down on me … It took me days before I could even speak. I didn’t want to speak, I didn’t want to eat, I didn’t want to talk to anyone. I couldn’t keep thoughts in my head. My head was like a whirlpool, going round and round and round, and not one thought would stay in it. I was just like, a thing.”

Osbourne’s troubles came after a series of setbacks to her physical health, including a bout of pneumonia and a hernia surgery, with her doctors describing her condition at the time as “extreme exhaustion.”

“Taking on too much of life, thinking that you can take on the world — I was negotiating a tour for my husband, which was a complete nightmare,” she continued. “I was doing [‘The Talk’], I was doing sponsorship work and I was traveling around the world too much — just doing too much, thinking, ‘I’ll do that, I’ll do that,'” she continued. “And then your body just goes, ‘No.’ It can’t take it, it can’t do it … My brain just fused. I just couldn’t cope with anything.”

The host added that figuring out her medicine for depression, which she has suffered from for more than 16 years, added to the incident.

“Overwork, wrong medication — and the medication is a nightmare, because there are so many different medications to take, and it’s what fits your chemical makeup,” she said. “It took me probably a good six, seven months to find the right combination of medications [and] the right therapist.”

Osbourne’s new medication regimen, combined with group therapy and meditation, helped her get well, but she admitted that she wasn’t sure how long she’d stay healthy.

“The thought of going out of the treatment that I was in terrified me,” she told Entertainment Tonight on Monday. “I didn’t want to leave. I didn’t want to go out because I knew that I couldn’t cope with everyday life … Just coming back and doing the show and going home was really tough on me.”

She’s now made a full recovery.

“All these things helped get me to where I am,” she said. “When problems come in now, where I would have folded, I’m like, ‘Bring it on. I can do it.’ I’m in control. [My condition] doesn’t control me.”

This article originally appeared in the New York Post's Page Six.