Sarah Jessica Parker has opened up about one meaningful relationship in her life but it's not former "Sex and the City" co-star Kim Cattrall.

In a new interview, Parker shares what has made her 20-year marriage to actor Matthew Broderick last.

“I think marriage has a lot of vitality,” she told People. “If you’re fortunate, it’s like this dazzling organism.”

Parker graces the cover of People's February issue in which she talks about how the couple stays happy and healthy in a two-decade-long marriage.

“I feel like it changes,” she said. “Your needs are shifting. You and your partner are going to change. It seems so silly, but I think you’re very lucky if you like the person. I still just really like him. I’m sure I annoy him and he annoys me, but I literally learn about him every day. I’m like, ‘You’re doing what? You’re reading what?’"

The "Divorce" actress and the Broadway vet were together for five years prior to their 1997 wedding. The couple had an intimate New York ceremony with 100 of their closest friends where Parker changed the wedding dress game and donned a black wedding gown, which she has since admitted that she regrets wearing.

“I never thought about a wedding dress," Parker confessed to People. "Never. Had not one daydream about it. At one point I just simply remember thinking, ‘God, I really hope he asks me to marry him.’ I don’t know when or why. It was fairly early on.”

On a recent episode of Sophia Amoruso's Girlboss Radio, Parker discussed how their busy careers create necessary time apart from one another, which ultimately helps to benefit their long-lasting relationship.

"His work life takes him here, and mine takes me there. In some ways, I think that that's been enormously beneficial because we have so much to share in a way... anytime that any relationship is hard, it's the point in which you're deciding, is this worth the investment getting through whatever that thing is?"

Today, Parker and Broderick are parents to their three kids, 8-year-old twins Tabitha and Loretta and 15-year-old son James Wilkie. The actress says in order to maintain strong bonds with her kids, she and her husband stress the importance of family conversation.

“Our lives are unpredictable, and we’re not always here when we want to be,” she said. “We can’t always do drop-off and pick-up. But I’m proud that our children talk to us in the way they do. I’m glad they’re curious people.”

Reuters Kim Cattrall SJP

Kim Cattrall and Parker pose together on "Sex and the City" film red carpet. (Reuters)

And while Parker's relationship with Broderick continues to grow strong, one relationship that Parker doesn't seem to have a handle on is her strayed friendship with Cattrall.

Though the feud between the two actors, who portrayed best friends on the HBO show, is said to be a long-time coming, things between the friend-enemies ignited after Cattrall announced the death of her brother Christopher on social media last week, and the star was not pleased with Parker's sympathy.

Parker shared her condolences on social media and said, “Dearest Kim, my love and condolences to you and yours and Godspeed to your beloved brother. Xx.”

But Cattrall lashed back at Parker's comment and shared an Instagram post asking her to “stop exploiting our tragedy in order to restore your ‘nice girl’ persona” in addition to sharing New York Post article detailing the “mean-girls” culture encouraged by Parker.

The rebirth of the Catrall-Parker feud stems from the official confirmation that a "Sex and the City 3" movie would not be happening after Cattrall made the decision that she would not reprise her famous role as Samantha Jones back in October.