Salma Hayek, Susan Sarandon argue over who has the larger breast size

It’s the battle of the chests.

Salma Hayek and Susan Sarandon got into a friendly competition during Cannes to see who had the biggest assets.

In a hilarious selfie from a red carpet event at Cannes Film Festival, the two actresses get up close and personal to gawk at each other’s décolletage.

“Salma: ‘Susan, you are bigger than me!,’ “Susan Sarandon: ‘Of course I am…’ #cannes #friends #susansarandon,” Hayek wrote in the silly photo.

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The two highly acclaimed actresses have never been shy about showcasing their assets – with Sarandon making headlines in recent months thanks to her love of rocking really low-cut red carpet looks as she reaches her 70th birthday later this year.

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