Runway models: Celebs like Kendall Jenner are taking work from us

Celebs have already replaced models on most fashion magazine covers – could fashion runways next?

Kendall Jenner is primed to be the “It” model at New York Fashion Week, which kicked off Thursday at Lincoln Center in New York City. Which means models at some of the week’s biggest, highest paying shows will be supplanted by Kim Kardashian’s little sister.

Which makes some of those models mad.

“Unfortunately, it affects non-celebrity models by taking away paying jobs and great opportunities for non-celebrity models to succeed in their career,” Sierra Illig, a model with MSA Model Management, told FOX411. “It is hard to see our modeling jobs being handed over so quickly to celebrities simply because of their fame, familiar face, and Hollywood connections.”

Click Model Management Director Harold Mindel agrees.

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    “It takes a spot away from a model that isn’t a reality show star,” Mindel said. “The fact that she’s Kim Kardashian’s sister, and Kanye West’s sis in law, and went to Valentino’s house, and that Kim Kardashian was wearing a Givenchy. Well, put it together.”

    Would Kendall even have a chance to fill that void if she wasn’t Kim’s little sister? Maybe not.

    Casey, the president and owner of modeling agency Maggie, Inc, says: “NYFW is about getting press and attention. It is a bit more difficult for regular models to hit the household name status, so that celebrity a la Kendall Jenner is filling that void.”

    But while Jenner may be in-demand in New York over the next week-or-so, model Molly Fletcher wonders how long the popularity will last.

    “These newbie models are hot one week,” Fletcher said. “If they haven't put in their dues, their footprint probably won't last.”

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