“Big Bang Theory” star and “Living Biblically” producer Johnny Galecki has a lot on his plate, but that still won’t stop him from dropping in on the cast of the upcoming “Roseanne” revival at ABC.

In the latest teaser for next week’s revival premiere, Galecki can be seen reprising his role as David Healy for the very first time. In the below clip, David climbs through the window of the Connor house, just like he did as a kid when he first started dating Darlene. He immediately notes that nothing has changed in the years he’s been away.

“It’s a decorating choice called poverty,” Darlene quips.

According to TV Guide, the show will retcon the events of the “Roseanne” finale, in which it was revealed that David never dated Darlene, but was instead in a relationship with her other daughter, Becky. In this new continuity, David and Darlene eventually got married and now share two children together. However, it’s unclear from the promo clip if they’re still husband and wife. Given that Galecki is only appearing in one episode of the revival season, it’s possible they’re estranged in some way.

In December, the “Big Bang Theory” actor announced on Instagram that he’ll be joining the slew of returning cast members for the new season.

“21 YEARS LATER…! Apart from being born, possibly the most surreal experience of my life,” he wrote in a caption to a set photo. “Deep thanks to my ‘Big Bang Theory’ family for knowing the importance of visiting one’s roots and loaning me out for a quick minute.”

It seems that the main reason for the star’s short episode order has to do with his rigorous “Big Bang Theory’ schedule at CBS. However, the competitive network was willing to drop its guard and allow him to take part.

The “Roseanne” revival hits screens on March 27.