It was a banner day in the Conner household followed abruptly by one of the most upsetting reveals that the “Roseanne” show has ever dealt with.

The latest episode of the ABC revival opened in a place of celebration, as the family gathered at Becky’s restaurant to mark Dan and Roseanne’s 45th wedding anniversary. Roseanne clinks her glass and demands someone give a toast in their honor. DJ steps up and gives a speech about how inspiring their marriage is and how it’s helped define the institution for their kids. He gets applauded into shutting up when he starts reminding everyone how poorly the kids’ marriages have gone, though.

Realizing they want to do something special, Dan and Roseanne check the points on their credit card to discover that they’ve got enough for a stay in a hotel. Darlene books it and offers to babysit for them for a night as part of her anniversary gift.

“It’s not babysitting when it’s your kids!” Roseanne shouts.

The following day, as Dan is making arrangements for their stay, Roseanne comes in and reveals that she’s missing some of her pain pills that keep her knee manageable. Dan is surprised and asks if she may have taken more without realizing it, but she shuts down that idea.

“Do I seem like I’ve been in a way better mood, Dan?”

Her husband waves a white flag saying that they’ll never get to the bottom of it with all the kids in the house. Roseanne agrees to hide the pills better, but that doesn’t help her current problem. Without pills, she won’t be able to make it to the hotel. Dan offers to go to his doctor to get more for her and the trip is back on.

Meanwhile, Crystal returns to the show to reveal to the Conners that she’s retiring with full benefits from her job at the casino. She tells Darlene that if she’s still having trouble finding a job, she can put in a good word for her. Darlene is hesitant given how bad the gig is, but Becky jumps at the opportunity.

Dan gets Darlene alone and questions why she would turn down something with full benefits. His daughter laments that she still wants to be a writer and that taking a blue collar job like this would essentially mean giving up on her dream. Dan uses some tough love to explain that her kids are one emergency away from cleaning her bank account out. Sometimes one has to make big sacrifices for their kids.

Much to Becky’s dismay, she says she’ll take the job. Becky, on the other hand, notes that this may have been her only chance to get a job that pays like that and that she feels her sister, with her college degree, should have an easier time finding job prospects than she does.

This prompts Darlene to suggest a program for Becky that will pay for her to get an education in hotel management as a way to jump start her life again. Becky is skeptical, but says she’ll think about it as the sisters bond over their new ridiculous work outfits.

Meanwhile, Roseanne and Dan’s anniversary celebration is cut short when the hotel needs a valid credit card to keep on file, which they don’t have. Undeterred, they go home and celebrate alone in the comfort of their house. They split a bottle of champagne, but it becomes apparent that Roseanne is tipsy beyond what a half-bottle of champagne can do.

The next day, Dan confronts his wife after finding three bottles of pills stashed throughout the house. Roseanne argues that she needs them for her knee, but Dan believes she’s using them for more than her knee pain. Just like that, the opioid crisis hits the Conner house like a ton of bricks. Not wanting to let his wife spiral, Dan reveals that he’s booked the knee surgery that they can’t afford so that Roseanne doesn’t have an excuse to keep taking pills.

He is livid that, after 45 years together, Roseanne would not only lie about the pills, but blame the kids.

When Dan goes out for a walk to clear his head, Roseanne gets her ice pack and puts it on her knee. Once she’s sure Dan is gone, she opens the ice pack revealing yet another stash of hidden pills. It seems getting over her opioid addiction is going to require more than a surgery.