Roseanne Barr seems to have given fans an update on her health via Twitter by sharing a pair of photos.

Over the weekend, the star shared a pair of selfies to her more than 885,000 followers not only showing off her new blonde look, but she also seemed to indicate that she has made a change with regards to her health.

The first photo shows Barr in a well-lit room with a coy smile. The image is simply captioned, “Hello.”

The next was much more telling, showing Roseanne in significantly worse lighting but still smiling. The caption reads: “got new Dr.’s and am doing better now. Thanks everyone!”

It’s unclear specifically what Barr means by “doing better now.” Several of her followers were quick to assume that she’s blaming the tweet and subsequent behavior that led to her being fired at ABC.

As previously reported, the second season of Barr’s sitcom revival “Roseanne,” was cancelled abruptly by ABC after Barr tweeted at former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett in which she compared her to an ape and linked her to the muslim brotherhood. Since losing her show, Barr has been on damage control, first blaming the sleep drug ambien for her tweet.

She later pivoted to declarations that she thought the tweet would be OK given that she was under the impression that Jarrett, who is African-American and was born in Iran, was white.

Barr has stayed pretty far out of the public eye, even amid news that ABC will be moving forward with a spinoff to “Roseanne,” titled “The Conners,” following the controversy over Barr’s tweet.