REVIEW: Adrenaline and Adventure Aplenty in Tom Cruise's Latest 'Mission: Impossible'

Tom Cruise is back with the slickest adventure-travel guide of the year: “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.” Boasting an exotic trip around the world, an engaging script, funny dialogue and spectacular stunts, “Ghost Protocol” is an adrenaline-rush adventure on a grand scale.

The latest installment in the "Mission: Impossible" franchise forces Ethan Hunt and his team to go rogue after being framed for bombing the Kremlin. To clear their names they travel from Russia to Dubai to Mumbai tracking the maniacal Russian heavy who’s intent on instigating global nuclear war.

“Ghost Protocol” has a healthy mix of stealthy intrigue and urgency, combining the successful espionage elements of the original with a frenetic larger-than-life adventure featuring several jaw-dropping set pieces. The highlight is a breathtaking spider crawl up Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.

Bravo to Cruise for doing his own stunts.

Along for the ride again is Simon Pegg as Benji, providing his charming comic relief. New to the team are Paula Patton (“Precious”) and Jeremy Renner (“The Hurt Locker”). Renner, juggling the more physical action with emotional moments, is an excellent addition to the cast.

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Kudos to Cruise and producer J.J. Abrams for hiring director Brad Bird. “Ghost Protocol” is Bird’s first live action feature film. He’s renowned at Pixar having directed modern animated classics “The Incredibles” and “Ratatouille.” Bird’s artistic eye, attention to detail and primary focus on character bring a welcome maturity to "Mission: Impossible" without sacrificing any of the excitement. Bird keeps the film classy, filling every frame with lush detail then juxtaposing with incredible hair-raising action.

If possible, see “Ghost Protocol” in IMAX, where Robert Elswit’s lush cinematography and Michael Giacchino’s fun melodic score will stimulate your eyes and ears. You’ll truly feel like you’re on top of the Buri Khalifa with Cruise.

Hope you’re not afraid of heights.