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United Arab Emirates

Nuclear Nation

Oil-rich emirates plan to build reactors in region some fear is on brink of arms race

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  1. Massive Arms Deal Causing Tension With Israel?

    U.S. to sell F-15 fighter jets to Saudis for $30 billion

  2. Beck: Pain at the Gas Pump

    Oil prices at mercy of world events

  3. New Questions About Arab Participation in Libya Mission

    Dr. Walid Phares on Arab League's mixed messages when dealing with Libya

  4. Unrest Spreading Across Middle East

    Israel says Egypt started 'earthquake'

  5. Yemen Tightens Security on Cargo Carriers

    Report: Serial number of printer in mail bomb plot being traced

  6. Feds Charge 19 With Terror Offenses

    Attorney General Holder speaks on ongoing investigation into 'deadly pipeline' of extremist ideology in U.S.

  7. John Ashcroft on Terror Threat

    Former U.S. attorney general on dealing with Yemen

  8. What Message Did Obama Send on Libya?

    Retired Army Col. Thomas Lynch reacts to setting, language used in the president's speech

  9. Al Qaeda Infiltrating Libyan Rebel Forces?

    David Pollock takes a look at the make up of Libya's anti-Qaddafi movementjoins us to discuss

  10. Group Files Suit Against Ground Zero Mosque

    American Center for Law and Justice chief counsel on litigation meant to stop erection of Muslim religious center just steps away from where World Trade Centers stood

  11. Crisis in Egypt: What's Next for U.S. Diplomacy?

    Former U.S. ambassador to Egypt on U.S. foreign policy in Egypt

  12. Arrest Made in Mail Bomb Attempts

    Yemeni authorities arrest woman in connection to attempted bomb plot

  1. 'Paradigm Shift'

    Oil-rich United Arab Emirates investing in clean energy technologies

  2. Spreading Tolerance

    United Arab Emirates using its vast oil wealth to build what it hopes will be an oasis of exchange

  3. Hollywood Nation: 'Hornet' Stings

    Seth Rogen tops box office; Bond heading to Dubai

  4. Making an Example?

    British woman arrested in Dubai for sex on the beach, faces six years in Arab jail

  5. Around the World: Out-of-Control Tractor Trailer

    Driver in Ontario narrowly escapes being hit by semi carrying tons of soil

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  7. Clinton: U.S. Welcomes NATO Command of No-Fly Zone

    Secretary of state delivers remarks on transition of control

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