If confidentiality agreements mean romance, it sounds like getting to know Tom Cruise is one bouquet of documents after another.

Vanity Fair's October issue features a detailed report of how Cruise and his Scientology friends went about finding him a new wife following his 2004 divorce from Nicole Kidman.

According to the magazine, it started with canvassing the Scientology rolls for a suitable actress/wife under the cover of auditioning for a Scientology training video. Part of the audition included the question: "What do you think of Tom Cruise?"

Nazanin Boniadi, an Iranian-born actress, won the part, VF reports, and went on a series of dates with Cruise to determine their compatibility, including a private Rockefeller Center skating rink date, and having a full floor reserved for the couple at the Trump Tower.

Before being allowed on these dates, Boniadi was told to get her braces removed, take out her red highlights, and dump her boyfriend.

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She was also asked every detail of her sex life, VF reports.

This is also the first time Boniadi was told to sign a confidentiality agreement. The second was in the Trump Tower, right after Cruise told her "I’ve never felt this way before," VF reports.

(They also say the two did not consummate their relationship that night.)

Boniadi and Cruise dated for a month, according to the magazine, and she even moved into his home and shared his bedroom, before the actress accidentally slighted Cruise and Scientologist head David Miscavige one too many times, at which point she was moved out, and into the Scientology Center.

The magazine reports Boniadi had fallen in love with Cruise, and was devastated when she was dumped without a word from Cruise. They say she confided in a friend at the Center, breaking her confidentiality agreement, was subsequently turned in by said friend, and then punished by being made to scrub toilets with a toothbrush and dig ditches at night.

Cruise and Miscavige declined to be interviewed by the magazine, but a Scientology rep denied the report, which also said Boniadi was no longer affiliated with the church.

Cruise married actress Katie Holmes soon after, and the two had a daughter, before Holmes filed for and was granted a divorce from Cruise earlier this year after five years of marriage. Cruise was blindsided by the request, but the couple divorced quickly and with little public rancor. Holmes has primary custody of their daughter Suri.