Report: Dennis Hopper Wants Divorce Final Before He Dies

Terminally ill Dennis Hopper doesn't want to kick the bucket until he boots the greedy wife he once lavished with expensive gifts, the movie icon's pals say.

A longtime family confidant told The Post that Hopper is angry that wife Victoria Duffy is trying to bleed him for every last nickel -- although he's given her a ranch, museum-quality art works and a wardrobe of couture dresses.

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"Dennis told me, 'I've worked so hard to give Victoria everything she wanted, but it only fueled her appetite for more and more luxury,' " the source said.

Now the star, who is dying of prostate cancer, is desperately trying to hang on until his divorce from Duffy becomes final.

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    Hopper is at an LA-area hospital surrounded by his kids and pals -- not to mention an ex-wife.

    "I wish Victoria the best, but [I] only want to spend these difficult days surrounded by my children and close friends," Hopper said in a statement released yesterday.

    Hopper's rep, Alex Hitz, said: "They've been having trouble and he wants peace and quiet."

    The 73-year-old "Easy Rider" star filed for divorce Thursday from Duffy, 41, to keep her from contesting his will, which leaves her only one-quarter of his estate.

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