Poor Andy Cohen. From the near-smackdown between Kim and Lisa in Atlanta to the ever-quarreling Kelly and Bethenny in New York City, no one is more skilled at keeping Bravo's many Real Housewives in line.

But The Real Housewives of New Jersey proved too much for even Cohen to handle during Monday's Season 2 reunion. Oh, the producers tried. There were joyous montages celebrating Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita's new babies and poignant reels highlighting Caroline Manzo's struggle with an empty nest and her son's learning disability. Still, nothing could hold the first ladies of the Garden State back from pulling emotional -- and physical! Beware Teresa — punches.

Danielle Staub on Her Real Housewives of New Jersey castmates: "They will be exposed"

In reverse order, we count down the evening's top five hits:

5. MTV's Jersey Shore has nothing on us: Forget GTL. When Andy tried to broach the subject of the many other New Jersey-based reality series, the conversation spiraled into TMI. Teresa brought up an alleged incident at her own Jersey Shore home involving Danielle Staub having sex with her boyfriend in front of her kids. Or, as Jacqueline put it, Danielle "straddled" him in front of her kids. "You're a pig, you're disgusting and you're desperate," Teresa said.

4. Danielle won't stand for your lies, or your husband's: Teresa denied her house was in foreclosure and said she's been working non-stop since her husband revealed their financial woes. "I have my husband, I have my four beautiful daughters and that's all I need." However, when Teresa denied that her husband was drunk when he totaled his car earlier this year, Danielle couldn't help but comment.  "I'm saying, for me personally, I find it hard to believe you go get wasted after you have a car accident," she said.

3. Wait, why was Jacqueline watching? When asked about the famous sex tapes (only one has been released), Danielle said she's learned she needs to be more careful. Neither were never meant to be released. Jacqueline doesn't buy it. The tape making the rounds, she said, looks as though "it was done on purpose," like "bad acting porn."

2. Keep your charity money! Remember the night of the Brownstone charity? Danielle had hoped to present a check that night, but was kicked out when there wasn't enough room for her posse? Well, Danielle claimed she has since raised $6,000 in commitments to the charity, but Caroline told her to save it. "Your intent was to come and cause a scene, to try to defame my husband, my son, what a disgrace. ... Do not sit here and try to make a fool out of me, I am looking at the fool."

1. A table flip? Honey, you ain't seen nothing yet. Teresa probably wasn't that angry when she did that last season. When Danielle implied that Teresa barely acknowledges her own nephew, Teresa jumped out of her chair and screamed at Danielle, "Do not break up my family!" When Andy tried to interfere, Teresa throw him off of her like a ragdoll and then tried to chase Danielle off stage. It took the effort of all the Housewives and Andy to retstain her. Danielle eventually rejoined the group, but Teresa had to promise Andy" not to cross him."

Part 2 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion airs Monday, Sept. 6 at 9/8c.

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