Stephanie Adams — Playboy’s Miss November 1992 — is so afraid of her estranged husband that their meetings are held at a police precinct. Charles Nicolai, owner of Wall Street Chiropractic & Wellness, has visitation rights for their son, Vince, 7, and the couple meets at the First Precinct in Tribeca for the handovers.

Adams, who modeled for Wilhelmina and Elite, declined to comment. But a friend told me, “It ensures no violence takes place.”

The pinup’s lawyer Raoul Lionel Felder told me, “It’s not unusual. The kids love it. The cops treat them like mascots.”

The use of the precinct is ironic. Adams sued the NYPD in 2006 alleging she was injured by cops after a taxi cab driver falsely claimed she had a gun. A jury awarded her $1.2 million — nearly $400,000 more than her lawyer had sought.

Adams used some of the money to finance Nicolai’s chiropractic center and two other businesses, but everything is in Nicolai’s name, Adams’ friend said.

“There seems to be no limits to the extent this man will go to acquire Stephanie’s wealth,” her friend said about the couple’s hardball divorce litigation.

Before the marriage, Adams also made headlines in 2003 when she came out as Playboy’s first lesbian centerfold. But, by 2009, she was engaged to Nicolai.

Nicolai’s lawyer, William Beslow, declined to comment.

This report originally appeared in the New York Post.