Phil Robertson: My generation 'really screwed this thing up'

He's back! Outspoken "Duck Dynasty" family patriarch Phil Robertson has a new book out, "unPHILtered: The Way I See It." The new release is just like Phil: blunt, opinionated and funny. The reality star, who is gearing up for duck season, spoke to FOX411 about his latest tome.

FOX411: You’re not a fan of political correctness.
Phil Robertson: Listen to the definition according to Noah Webster. You gotta remember, right or wrong, I’m a guy who believes in Biblical correctness. Political correctness is this according to Webster’s dictionary: Conforming to what is regarded as orthodox liberal opinion on matters of sexuality, race etc. Usually used disparagingly to connote dogmatism, extreme sensitivity to minority causes, so if you read the definition according to the Webster’s dictionary, it’s not real favorable.

It’s just liberal opinion and I’m like, 'Well let me give you the Biblical view. I love all men and women on this earth, including by the way all the current terrorists who are lopping people’s heads off. I would rather sit down and have a Bible study with ‘em and put ‘em to Jesus because he’s all about life and what they seem to be into, it’s all about death. It’s just a sad situation we found ourselves in world wide.

You’ve got to remember, I’m not a preacher. I’m just one guy living on the river looking around saying, 'We might ought to try loving God and loving each other for a while and I think all these race problems would disappear.' Of course, I have the Biblical view of marriage. In the beginning, God made male and female and he said marriage is between the two, but I love all people. I just give them the Biblical view. The last thing I am is a man who hates people.

FOX411: You’re talking about the GQ interview?
Robertson: If someone comes to you and walks in your living room like that guy did about a specific sin you say, well let me think about it. Would I go to a medical textbook, a dictionary? He asked about sin. He asked did I think homosexual behavior was a sin. I said, 'Well, where would you go to find out about sin?' In other words, what's amazing is if he had asked, 'Do you think stealing is a sin?' I would have given him the same text. If he would have asked, 'Do you think drunkenness is a sin?' I would have given him the same text. By the way, the news media didn't even know it was a text for a week. The text is First Corinthians nine and ten. I just gave him what the apostle Paul said. I don’t know what else I would have done in that situation.

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    FOX411: You write that we the people are to blame for our politicians.
    Robertson: The people are at fault because we elect leaders and then we whine and bellyache. My belief is we need spiritual men making political decisions. I just think based on the Founding Fathers, you can read them at length, I was amazed at how godly and how they revered the Bible. Somewhere between there and I’m sorry to say, my generation, we got here, we started smoking dope, tune in and turn out, make love not war. The bottom line is we have really screwed this thing up. I just think we need to get back to what our Founding Fathers told us. Get back to God, love our neighbor.

    By the way, I do have a master's degree in education. A lot of people keep calling me a backwards redneck. I’m well read, I’m no dumbo. I just think we’d be better off with Biblical principles, keeping our families intact. I think the reason our TV show went ballistic is because people saw a family group, it’s all intact, no divorces and we all love one another and we thank God for being alive and our food and amazingly in our time, the 21st century, it’s an aberration instead of being normal. You think about that, that’s pretty scary.

    FOX411: It would surprise some people to read that you and Kay didn't raise your boys with a lot of rules.
    Robertson: We read the Bible. All scripture is useful for teaching, for correcting, for rebuking, for training in righteousness. So we trained our children in the Biblical ways. There’s just one race here on planet earth kids, it’s called the human race.... Love is the greatest gift a human can have.

    You’re right, very few rules. Jason always says, 'I love the way you raised us. The only rule is there are no rules!' I always say that some people are so heavenly minded they’re no earthly good. There’s moderation and common sense. We’re no prudes, like alcohol is the devil’s firewater. We say, Jesus turned like 135 gallons of water into wine at a wedding so he’s making it for people to drink, so the bottom line is a person can have a glass of wine or beer, we’re not jumping up and down. Christianity is not as ruled and regulated as people would have you believe.