PETA slams Katy Perry's 'Roar' video: Worst celeb vs PETA war?

PETA's got some beef with Katy Perry -- pun intended. The animal rights group isn't shy when it comes to criticizing people for their less-than-perfect actions toward animals. And this time, they're going after Katy Perry and her new music video "Roar."


A spokeswoman for the organization is criticizing the pop star's video for featuring -- and supposedly, exploiting -- exotic animals.

PETA spokeswoman Merrilee Burke said in a statement: "Animals used for entertainment endure horrific cruelty and suffer from extreme confinement and violent training methods. They often become stressed and anxious when hauled around and forced into unfamiliar or frightening situations."

Burke does have a point... but does that give PETA permission to preach any time a celebrity has any animal-related experience? Surely, this isn't the first time the group has gone after stars.

Remember when someone with ties to PETA threw a bag of flour all over Kim Kardashian? Then, there was the time that the group got mad at Honey Boo Boo for naming her pet chicken "Nugget." Oh yeah -- and PETA wasn't too fond of Mario for wearing a fur suit. (Yes, we're talking about the video game character.)

From Katy Perry to Kim Kardashian to Honey Boo Boo, which star has had it the worst when it comes to PETA?